Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kilkenny love love love

I've never felt as much love as I have felt in Kilkenny.
Tonight I went to Andrew Ryan's for traditional music night.
I was invited to pour my own pint of Guinness behind the bar.
Took pictures from Behind the bar. My drinks were free. My photo was posted on the wall. The bartender gave me her bracelet. I got a copy of the picture of the cheers from the arthur's day celebration. And my friend e
Sang some trad songs. FANTASTIC NIGHT!!'

brendan benson

brendan benson
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saw this lovely man last night at cleers. it was an amazing show in a room the size of my living room back home. i was not too familiar with his work, but was told that he was great, so i went. and they were right, as usual!
amazing song writer.
it was one of those nights where all of his songs were hitting close to home. lovely evening!

cold hands, warm heart.

what i'm looking for

brendan benson
brendan benson

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


someone told me the saddest thing the other day. it actually made me cry!
we were talking about life and the frustrations of working in a job you hate. i asked my favorite question, "in a perfect world, what would you life be like?"
this person said they didn't know and that it was a stupid question. i think dreaming is so important. even just to escape the real world for a bit and to use your imagination.
if you can't dream of a great life you will never be able to achieve a great life!

so i ask you, dearest readers..
in a perfect world, what would your life be like?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bobby daly

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this is bobby daly. one day i was sitting outside a pub writing in my journal and drinking a pint of guinness. bobby walked by and asked if he could join me. i am a polite person & always looking for a nice chat so i said yes.
bobby told me he was totally deaf because he used to be a scuba diver and the equilibrium messed up his ears. he hears very well though.
bobby used to work on an oil rig in alaska. he used to hunt in south africa. bobby daly loves guns. as a matter of fact, he had a smith western on him that he wanted to show me! i politely declined.
bobby daly is a drunk because he cheated on his wife and she divorced him and took all his fortune. she drives a rolls royce ghost now.
bobby daly invited me to his home the following evening for dinner. i said i would go because i was afraid he would shoot me if i said no. he said he would show me his guns and pictures from when he was young. bobby told me that he was quite fit for his age. i told him i didnt care.
bobby daly shook my hand 6 times before he finally left...and talked to the people sitting at the table next to me.

i went inside and some people asked me if i was interviewing him. i said no, he was just a little chatty. i found out these people were from israel and we ended up hanging out later than night!

Monday, September 27, 2010

music for your monday

looking for some good monday music..

i stumbled upon this song, which speaks to my soul. haha

this new hot chip song is always on the radio. dublin has the best radio stations!

this is on the radio too. super cute. the girls from the hostel in dublin kinda spoiled it for me because they were singing it & i kinda hate them still.

we always sing this song at the pub!

recently got into sleigh good.

my good buddies, arrah and the ferns, have a cd out. you should go buy it!

one of my favorites.

so much soul. maybe too much for a monday.


ok i went overboard. i am bored.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last weekend I had 2 days free from the hostel so I took the bus up to Dublin. It was a nice city, but I did not love it. There were so many people, I was too anxious to go to a pub on my own as they were all very crowded. But I did enjoy walking around the temple bar area and listening to all the street performers.
ireland2010 032
the sign says it all. craic (pronounced crack) = fun!

ireland2010 042
customs house.
ireland2010 017
ireland2010 041
ireland2010 019
the river liffey and little red and green houses floating on it.
ireland2010 040
i did not go there. :(
ireland2010 039
ireland2010 033
ireland2010 030
ireland2010 026
ireland2010 015

there were people dancing in the street to this music, but they stopped by the time i got my camera out
I was going to meet up with an Olympic swimmer (for real) I had met a few weeks ago to go yachting (for real), but I decided his level of interest in me compared to the amount of time that we actually spoke, was too much and I didn't want to deal with any awkward moments, so I spent the day at the beach instead.
ireland2010 005
it was beautiful!
ireland2010 007
i thought this was nice.
ireland2010 004
ireland2010 010
ireland2010 012
thanks for reading! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

thought of the day

looking for jobs is a great way to harsh one's mellow.


I love kilkenny so much. I could see myself living here. There is so much culture and the people are incredibly friendly and kind. I actually was offered to come back and run the place in November, while fergus goes on holiday. I have considered it and am weighing out my options, especially since I cant decide what I want to do when I return to the states. Here are some pictures i have taken over the last few weeks!

this is where i work.
ireland2010 046
this is where i sleep.
ireland2010 060
ireland2010 048
this is an alley way i often walk through.
paris2010.4 011
kilkenny castle. it's pretty awesome living in a town with a castle.
ireland2010 075
st. mary's cathedral
ireland2010 074
mary statue.
ireland2010 052
the target of kilkenny.
paris2010.4 007
smithwick's brewery.
ireland2010 065
strange bird sculpture.

ireland2010 062
i think these signs are funny.

impromtu trad session
random trad session at ryans

Thursday, September 23, 2010


facebook is down right now. i hope it stays down forever so i can be free of it's evil curse it has on me!!! :)
i just googled "facebook down" and a whole bunch of news stories popped up about it being down. my favorite was a blog titled. "facebook is down. i'm being forced to blog."
it's amazing what facebook has done for society. both a blessing and a curse.

i'm off to go see my friend's new apartment and to trad session (traditional irish music)at ryan's!

ireland2010 050


i forgot about this song for a minute. so cute!

in the theme of "home", this song is my most favorite song of all time.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Current thought

It's so amazing how perfect the world is when you listen.
There is so much out there that distracts us from happiness.

ryan air

i just bought a plane ticket from Knock, Ireland to Barcelona, Spain for 25 euro ($33)!Hooray for budget travel! It's a shame we don't have any budget travel companies in the states.
My last day at the hostel is Oct 3rd, although I have been invited to stay and run the hostel in November. I am going to go travel the south west coast of Ireland for a few days and fly from Knock to Barcelona on the 7th. Maybe stay in Spain for a week, take a ferry to Italy and bum around there for a week, then make my way back to Germany.
I'm excited to hang out on the beach and for warm weather!
I cant believe how fast time is flying.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

regret like that

thought this was an interesting little article.
i hope i have no huge regrets when i leave this earth!

top 5 regrets of the dying

my facebook posts from my dublin hostel.

3:30am ‎6 drunk 18 year olds are sharing the hostel room. They all just came into the hostel room like 5 other people are not sleeping. Lights on and yelling. I'm putting all their toothbrushes and clothes in the toilet when I wake up in 3 hours.

3:50am They all just left to go party in another room. But are coming back. Jiminey Christmas.

4:25am They have returned. But forgot their key. Someone else is nicer than I and let them back in after 5 min of knocking. Some dude named Courtney had the key and came in to smooch on one of them. They all giggled and told him to leave. Now they are talking about it loudly. BOO HISS

4:35am Now they are smoking cigarettes. I hate teenagers.

6:30am Their "I love college" alarm has been going off for the past 30 min. It's 630. They are ready to go. So it's lights on and regular chatting about how they still feel drunk. Shocking considering they only stopped drinking 2 hours ago! Still concern about other people sleeping. Sending soooo much negative energy their way. >:(

8:00am Thank you facebook for letting me share what now seems like a bad dream. Jokes on me though because I didn't hear my alarm this morning, it's raining, and the zipper on my new bookbag just broke! I should have know bad energy always boomerangs back.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

no worries!

the video is slightly cheesy, but this guy rules!

autumn nights

last weekend i met a lovely musician named Aishling De Cleir. We went to an amazing wine bar, hole in the wall. i will take pictures of it soon because it is just amazing! there were only 6 people there and we decided to play some music. i decided to listen, because i lack musical talent. it was such a magical night. i wish i had taken more video and photos!

After we left the hole in the wall. we went to andrew ryan's pub, my favorite pub in kilkenny. i like to think of it as the brass rail of kilkenny. there was a rockabilly band playing when we got there & some sharp dancing!

ooh la la

A few weekends ago i smooched a cute Italian boy underneath a castle surrounded by trees, a river and a bright moon. Molto magico!

Things like this don't happen to me in the real world, so i thought i would share it in my blog!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

hostel livin

Sooo... the cleaning lady is here today, so I get to take it easy and have time to update this.
I made it to Kilkenny, Ireland. I'm working at Macgabhainns (pronounced "macgowens") backpackers hostel. My work consists to making beds, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, emptying the dishwasher for about 4 hours a day. Just general housework that I don't do in the real world. haha. When I return to the states I will be a domestic goddess, well, as soon as I learn to cook a proper meal!

When I am not working, I usually will walk around the town aimlessly, read, nap, go to the grocery store, grab a pint or a cup of tea. It is quite lovely.

What is interesting about working/living in a hostel is all the random people that you meet, and I have met many interesting people from all over the world!

There is such a positive energy around me now that i have not felt in a really long time. I'm really really happy that i came here. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

paris picture overload!

paris2010.3 098

paris2010.3 096
paris2010.3 031
full moon at the louvre.

paris2010.3 093

paris2010.3 083
paris2010.3 080
i want to own something like this.

paris2010.3 077
gelato! every other day. the last day i ate a scoop of pistachio gelato shaped into a flower!

paris2010.3 074

paris2010.3 071
basilique du sacre-coeur, montremare

paris2010.3 063

paris2010.3 046

went on a boat tour.
paris2010.3 061


Beirut - Nantes - A Take Away Show

this was shot in my Parisian neighborhood! so good.