Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mercury in retrograde?

howdy strangers.
how's the living?
the sun is shining, the weather is warm. candy is going to fall out of the sky.

here is my sad update.
shit was bananas last month. mercury was apparently in retrograde & i felt it's effects.
+ i booked a great band, dale earnhardt jr. jr. to play at a local music venue in Fort Wayne. it was a snowball effect & i learned a lot about promotions, which was cool, but they had A LOT of people i had to coordinate with. all in all the show was amazing & i made a flyer for the event.

i painted it all myself, because i have zero graphic design skills. it was such a joy to paint again, i do not get to do it nearly enough!

+ on the day of the show, when i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. my beloved cat looks ill & i have to take her to the vet. the vet says she is sick, but they need to do surgery & she will be fine. whatta bummer, but at least she will make it. i am at the venue, trying to get things together & i get a call from the vet saying she is dying of kidney failure & i have to put her down in the morning. WORST DAY EVER.

+ the show was a success! i went to bed at 3am & had to be at work at 5am the next was my last day of work, as the program i was working for closed due to funding issues. :(

+ after my shift i had to go put my cat to sleep. it was a very stressful weekend.

cool blog, brah.