Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the dog days.

Listening to "The dog days are over" by Florence and the Machine. 6 months after everyone has told me to listen to them. Thinking about life as always. I cant help but feel my dog days are beginning! I dont know why i am so resistant to the everyday life. I always have been. Floating around working random jobs because I find them to be interesting. Made for some interesting life experiences for sure, but now I am looking for stability. I'm also looking for an apartment where I can have a table! Currently looking for a job that will allow me to get $paid$. I found work at an independent living facility for troubled teenage girls with/without children. I like working there for the most part, but the pay is shit (relatively speaking)& sometimes i have to work weekends and 12 hour shifts.
I am going to sell my soul and find a job where I dont have to deal with drama/real life and make enough money to actually save for something, like chairs for my table in my apartment!

I'm all jazzed up on coffee. And getting distracted from reformatting my resume. yuck.

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